Shows For Hire


Lindsay has created a number of new works as a solo performer and in collaboration with other talented artists. The following shows can be booked for corporate functions, fundraisers, festivals, and youth appropriate performances in schools. Scheduling and rates can be determined via email.


 Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a critically acclaimed two person improv show created by The Distinctly Average Duo. This improv twosome includes performers, Jamie Northan and Lindsay Mullan. Truth or Dare combines the fun and danger of the classic game, live on stage. Through improvised storytelling Northan and Mullan must rise to the challenge of balancing honest scene work with a variety of daring exhibitions. This one hour comedy has received both critical and commercial success across Canada and continues to titillate new audiences.

 "★★★★ Inventive, playful, and hilarious!"  -The Calgary Herald

 "★★★★ Mullan and Northan have obvious chemistry as performers and furthermore, they’re both confident and talented improvisers, stepping up to the challenges thrown at one another and inciting raucous laughter throughout."  -Vue Weekly Edmonton

 "★★★★ The real heart of the show is watching two friends hang out. There are as many laughs between scenes as inside them."  -The Winnipeg Free Press


The Cheeky Chappies


Gavin Williams and Lindsay Mullan are two of Toronto's cheekiest improvisors and so when brought together they are aptly named, The Cheeky Chappies. Together they teach improvisation workshops as well as perform their unique brand of narrative-based short form improv. What makes it unique? A curious mixture of comedy and storytelling about ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Williams and Mullan are members of both the Loose Moose Theatre Company and the Bad Dog Theatre Company. To date, these two have been performing side by side for a total of 10 years!